Custom TV Console Carpentry

A custom TV console is an incredible décor accent, tailored to complement the ambience of every room. Besides serving as a television stand, having one in your home can also offer additional storage space for other entertainment appliances and personal effects.

At Singapore Carpenters, we provide the best custom TV console carpentry solutions. We can help you create a measure to fit TV console with all the unique features that you need. Our focus is to deliver the right custom TV console that truly meets your personal needs and budget.

Depending on your expectations, we offer a huge collection of custom TV consoles from where you can always get the best inspiration for an ideal piece. However, we can also build your custom TV console from scratch with a guarantee of the right fit.

Benefits of a Custom TV Console

Although the furniture is referred to as a TV console, it offers so much more than just space for placing the television. By choosing a custom made TV console, you always have a wide range of options when it comes to the design and construction of the entire piece.

A custom TV console can be fitted to suit just any room, which makes it quite versatile. In case you need a TV console for all your entertainment systems, it can be built with additional compartments or partitions. The top can also be used for displaying framed photographs.

Large sized custom TV consoles are fitted with drawers that can accommodate more items apart from just entertainment appliances. The additional storage can even be enhanced with secure locks, ensuring the safety of all your items kept therein.

Custom TV consoles made of wood and elegant finishes usually provide a unique aesthetic appeal that also contributes a luxurious mood in living spaces. Whether used in the living or dining room, a custom TV console will always stand apart.

The Best Custom TV Console Singapore

Although there are several standard TV consoles in the market, finding one that compliments your preferences is never an easy task. But, there is no need to go through such hassles anymore when we can provide your dream TV console with just a phone call.

At Singapore Carpenters, we are a team of carpentry enthusiasts with many years’ experience in custom furniture. This enables us to carefully listen to all the needs of our clients and, provide unique and high quality custom TV consoles Singapore.

In every task, we are always very keen on giving our customers the opportunity to determine how each part of their furniture should be designed and fitted. Our custom TV consoles come in numerous styles including, contemporary, antique and abstract pieces.

All the custom TV consoles that we offer are made of high quality woods but, we also let our customers choose the particular types of wood that they prefer. Based on your preferred style, parts of the console can also be fitted with glass.

We can customize your TV console to just any size that fits the available space in your home. There are various storage features that can be included on the console including, adjustable shelves, drawers and doors. All these features can also be customized to the style that you want.

Considering the varying sizes of TVs, we also offer custom TV consoles with different measurements for the top. This means, you can always get a custom TV console that is specifically built for the television that you have.

In fact, you can even opt for a custom TV console for every television set in your home including, bedrooms, living rooms, kids’ rooms and dining area. Regardless of the size or measurements of the TV console, we will always make sure that it bears all the features that you need.

Apart from just the functionality of a custom TV console, we also emphasize on aesthetics. Our goal is to ensure that your custom TV console is also crafted with unique materials and finishes that contrast the ambience of the home.

We integrate sleek wood finishes with other innovative hardware finishes, which can also be customized to suit your personal style and décor of the space where the furniture will be used.

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