Custom Cash Counter

Also called cash wraps, cash counters are among the basic requirements for retail stores, improving efficiency in the area of work and expressing the personality of the space. However, these are benefits that you can only experience with a custom cash counter that is specifically tailored to your needs and business.

At Singapore Carpenters, we understand the greater importance of custom cash counters. And, that is why we continue to supply retail businesses across Singapore with custom cash counters, which you should also consider. With us, you are always guaranteed the most suitable cash counter for the particular retail business you are operating.

Benefits of a Custom Cash Counter

Custom cash counters are crafted in a wide range of dimensions, which can always be tailored to fit into the particular space that you have in your business. On the other hand, the counter can also be fitted with several compartments and shelves for the storage of items that you often use while at the counter, including stationery.

Having a custom cash counter also offer workers an ample working space. It provides a larger surface for placing the cash boxes, computers/ laptop, phone among others. In fact, the counter can also be used for placing promotional materials like, flyers so customers can easily pick them as they make their payments.

Custom cash counters also help with ensuring a proper arrangement for the space. A custom cash counter ensures that all your cash systems and accessories are well arranged in their right places. This also makes it very convenient for you and your workers to find whatever you need from that section without any hassles.

Custom cash counters can also be developed with unique display features for products that most customers need but, usually fail to buy when shopping. You can even opt for custom cash counters with sophisticated aesthetics that complement your decor and, express a spark of comfort therein.

The Best Custom Cash Counter Singapore

Although some retail stores still use standard cash counters, they are usually very restrictive and expensive. The custom cash counters that we offer at Singapore Carpenters are designed and built based on the specific requirements of every business. Besides the unique features of our custom cash counters, we also focus on affordable rates for diverse budgets.

Most retail stores in Singapore continue to acquire custom cash counters from us mainly because of our commitment to high quality and luxurious structures. We always give each client the freedom to choose how their furniture should be created from start to finish. Depending on the available space, we can offer the counter in appropriate measurements.

While creating a custom cash counter, we are also very keen on the particular brand or business where it will be used. In fact, we can even send our experts to first assess the space. This will enable us to properly understand the unique needs of your business so as to deliver a custom cash counter that truly meets your expectations.

Before we start building any custom cash counter, we our experts will also provide suggestions on the best materials and features. Due to our experience in making custom cash counters, we perfectly understand the right alternatives that will effectively work for your business and budget.

There are numerous features that we can include on your custom cash counter to make it more convenient. Apart from shelves and compartment, we can also customize the structure with sleek display fixtures, lockable doors, drawers and larger tops to accommodate all the items that you need in the area.

We can design a custom cash counter for single and multiple users. This we can always do without making your space look too squeezed. Despite the size of the counter, we will make sure that it fully caters for all your needs with regards to the features.

Our custom cash counters are also crafted in transitional, vintage and contemporary styles, which contrast all ambiences. This ensures you can always get a suitable match for the decor of your store. However, you can also opt for specific decorative elements for your dream cash counter.

Apart from wooden products, we also incorporate various unique materials to give each custom cash counter a striking touch of beauty and elegance.

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