Foyer Renovation Ideas

The foyer is the second area that your guests will be introduced to after going through the gate. As a result of this, it should not only be welcoming but, also set up in a way that assures your guests greater safety and comfort once they walk in. In fact, it is at the foyer that you should set the tone and ambience of your entire home.

There are various approaches that can be pursued when it comes to foyer renovation. However, this is not a guarantee that just any approach can work for your home. Before deciding on the particular ideas to implement in the renovation of your foyer, it is advisable that you go through a few options.

Basic ideas that you can rely on for the best foyer renovation

Introduce a pop of color into the entryway

The colors expressed on your foyer have a lot to do with the initial feel of the home. When choosing the colors, you should always keep in mind that this sections requires a warmly touch that also reflects your personality and style. Strong colors like, red express a sense of comfort that will also give a welcoming gesture to your guests.

In case you have a less-spacious foyer, it is advisable to consider cool tones. This will help in opening up the space, offering a more spacious feel. Despite the kind of impact that you want to portray on the entryway, using color variations is always a great way to piece the decor together. You should also use colors sparingly, applying those that complement each other.

Include unique pieces of foyer furniture

Furniture can always create charm in the entryway. But, not just any furniture can be used on this section of the home. With custom foyer furniture, you can develop unique pieces for storage while also improving the appearance of the area. One of such furniture is a custom foyer shoe cabinet. This can even be designed with a bench at the top, where guests can sit as they remove their shoes.

A custom foyer feature wall can also be a great way to enhance the appeal of your entryway. In fact, you can even customize the feature wall with additional accents that vividly portray your style. In case you opt to include furniture on the foyer, it is also important that you use as little as possible to avoid creating congestion on the entryway.

One of the benefits of choosing custom foyer furniture is that you can always get pieces that are specifically tailored to the available space in your home. A small table with hidden cabinets can also be a good idea but, do not align it with several accents that could alter the ambience.

Use something that directly points to your personality

Although colors and custom foyer furniture can also express your personality, you need something that you are fond of, which people can easily use to tell who you are without even entering the rooms. It does not have to be provocative but, just simple and playful enough to show the other interesting side of you.

An example is one of your favorite paintings or artworks. When choosing the item to include on this part of the home, you should also take into account, something that talks good of you and contrasts the theme or set up of the home. Besides, it should be an element that people can easily relate to.

Try placing a few plants

Plants are hugely recognized as the most cost-effective additions to living spaces. They effortlessly create an overwhelming serenity and beauty to any space. Even just a vase with one potted plant and fresh-looking leaves is enough to breathe an inviting fragrance into the foyer and other parts of the home.

Unlike works of art like, paintings and sculptures, plants can easily blend in with modern, vintage and transitional styles. With plants, you will be able to create a feeling of the natural environment right inside your home. When using plants, it is important to also consider the available space and other decorative accents used in the entryway.

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