Custom Dressing Table

Apart from the convenience that it offers in dressing, a custom dressing table is also an incredible accent that gives the bedroom a unique touch of sophistication. A custom dressing table has inherent practical and aesthetic qualities that you will no doubt fall in love with.

Singapore Carpenters are the custom bedroom furniture experts that you can always rely on for the best quality and affordable custom dressing tables. With us, you can now easily create a dressing table with specific features, tailored to your needs, style and décor of the room.

Benefits of a Custom Dressing Table

A custom dressing table provides a convenient space for keeping smaller items used in dressing like, make-up, accessories, jewelry and others. The furniture is designed with drawers and compartments where the items can be kept for easy access whenever you need to use them.

When you can access these items with ease, you will always spend less time dressing up, hence the convenience of a custom dressing table. Besides, it also helps with keeping your items in an organized manner, creating a sense of order in the room.

A custom dressing table can be built with diverse features based on your needs and preferences. Besides drawers and compartments, the furniture also usually has a large sized mirror to help with dressing. The mirror can be of any size or style that you want.

For additional comfort while dressing up, a custom dressing table can also be built with a small chair where you can sit when combing your hair or applying make-up. Besides, the top of the table is also wide enough to support activities like, reading.

A custom dressing table will also go a long way in transforming the aesthetic appeal of your bedroom and home. The bespoke styles and finishes give the furniture a striking touch of elegance and luxury that also elevates the overall appearance of the sleeping area and home.

The Best Custom Dressing Table Singapore

At Singapore Carpenters, we understand the challenges that most people are usually faced with when it comes to shopping for dressing tables. Thus, we offer you the opportunity to now easily create your own dressing table, tailored to your specific needs.

With us, you only need to share your ideas for a custom dressing table and we will do the rest. Our company has professional carpenters with greater experience to always deliver tailor made dressing tables for every user and sleeping space.

Before we start any project, our experts will first engage you to properly understand your requirements. If need be, we can even visit your home to assess the available space and décor of the room so you end up with the perfect fit.

We can custom build a dressing table in vintage, contemporary or other styles that perfectly complement your ambience. Besides, the furniture can also be custom built to the particular size that suits you as well as the available space in the bedroom.

Besides, we also allow you to decide on the particular features that you need on the dressing table. One of the main features of a custom dressing table is chest drawers and compartments for keeping make-up, accessories and other similar items.

Mirrors are another important feature of a custom dressing table that we can include in yours. The mirrors can be mounted in any style and, also cut to the particular size that you need. We can customize your dressing table with permanently fixed, folding or sliding mirrors.

Even if you may want a custom dressing table with a chair or stool, we can still craft the most suitable piece to complement your needs and other furniture in the bedroom. Our custom dressing tables come with both functional and aesthetic features based on client requirements.

The custom dressing tables that we offer are also enhanced with sleek wood finishes that offer them better protection against defects while also maintaining their appearance at peak. However, you can always choose a specific type of wood and finishes for your custom dressing table.

It is only at Singapore Carpenters that you are guaranteed the best custom dressing table, built to your specific needs and budget.

Order a Custom Dressing Table

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