Wooden Praying Altar

For many people prayer is the most important thing in their lives, they need to kneel down to pray to their god. To show their deep devotion of to keep up with family traditions, some people like to have a space dedicated just for praying and this space would have religious figures and other paraphernalia, this place is what we call an altar. The idea of an altar in someone’s personal home is something that is not as widely popular as you would expect, even in certain countries where the veneration of effigies of gods, saints and holy figures is part of the culture. However, more people are seeking spiritual ties to ground them and altar is an important item for someone exercising their faith and practicing their spiritual beliefs.

You can have a wonderful altar carved out and assembled according to your specific instructions to serve as the center of your spiritual life. An altar might be an unusual thing to display openly in your home and because it is a sacred thing that makes up part of a sacred space you might want to put it in a special corner. Just because it is hidden does not mean it doesn’t have to be the best thing in any room, unless that room is set up as the prayer room. Altars that would end up in a living room or bedroom can be made of beautiful wood that gleams when polished to house your golden Buddhist effigies or your Hindu gods and goddesses or your blessed Virgin Mary statue or cross or whatever it is you need to shift your focus to.

When you commission a custom built altar you can specify exactly what it needs to look like, if there are to be any carvings, whether they should incorporate a cupboard to keep things like incense and candles within easy reach. You can even have an altar that folds up and closes to look like an ordinary piece of furniture. Singapore Carpenters and Carpentry Services are in the business of making bespoke, custom Pooja altars, Christian altars and any kind of wooden altar.


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