Exhibition and Event Wooden Truss

You might have ever used or being used to renting an exhibition & event wooden truss, but you might have not yet met a truss design as ours which comes with an absolute guarantee of quality and efficiency. Those who have ever rented our truss structure can truly bear witness of the great and efficient design and frame supported by our exhibition & event wooden truss.

When you make a choice to partner with us as you are about to set up your event, show, trade exhibition or any other activity that would require an exhibition & event wooden truss, be sure you expect nothing but quality service. Our truss system is tested by structural engineers and hence you have an 100% guarantee that it is up to the best standards. Additionally, we have specialists who will ensure that our system serves you the best during the course of your event.

What we have ensured is to assemble our system after several tests on its efficiency and strength. As such, despite the simpleness that our structure has, it is designed with the beauty that each event holder would wish to have for an event. Our exhibition & event wooden truss is also configured in such a way that it is fire-proof, which has been achieved by employing the recent timber construction approaches.

Try renting our system and for sure you won’t regret of your decision. Our engineers have also ensured that all the requirements that any event might need are fully taken care of during the construction. This includes constructing an exhibition & event wooden truss that is adjustable and well configured so as to suit any event. The portability of our truss and its ability to cope with different weather conditions marks the final words about our reliable, efficient and versatile structure.



HDB Registered Contractor
License Number: HB-09-5474D