Custom Bedside Table

Although many usually look at it just like any other ordinary table, a bedside table is an important bedroom furniture that serves a wide range of uses. However, you can only experience the unique benefits if you have one that is customized to your needs and bedroom.

At Singapore Carpenters, we provide custom bedside tables, designed and built with the specific features that you desire. In fact, we can create a custom bedside table that perfectly complements your specific requirements and the décor of the bedroom.

Benefits of a Custom Bedside Table

A custom bedside table can be used in numerous ways in the bedroom. Whether small or big, a bedside table can be used to place items that you will often use while in bed like, sunglasses, phones, alarm clock, wallet, notebooks and laptop.

In case you are the kind of person who loves to sometimes watch TV, read a book or even drink a beverage while in bed, a bedside table is the right place to keep that novel, TV remote and, put the drinks and food to avoid spills on the bed.

Having a custom bedside table makes it much easier and convenient to pick calls, switch the TV on and off without getting out of bed. If you need to take certain medications later at night or early in the morning, a bedside table can still be an ideal place to put them.

A custom bedside table can also be used for placing lamps, framed photographs and other decorative elements to give the bedroom a more charming appeal. On the other hand, a bedside table can also be custom built with drawers for storing personal effects like, jewelry.

Even if you already have furniture for the above uses, a custom bedside table can still serve as decorative addition, giving the bedroom a spark of luxury and comfort. Due to the numerous customizability options, the furniture can be crafted to match the decor of your bedroom.

The Best Custom Bedside Table Singapore

Most bedroom furniture today come with the provision of a bedside table. But, it is still very hectic to find one that meets your specific needs and sleeping area. Instead of putting up with such inconvenience, simply talk to us.

At Singapore Carpenters, we have professional carpenters and innovative solutions to effortlessly transform every idea of a bedside table into a masterpiece that you will truly love. We provide custom bedside tables, tailor-made to the specific style, size and, also with the features that you require.

Whether you need a custom bedside table for the uses discussed above or any other, we can always help you with choosing the best piece. After sharing your needs with us, our experts will also provide advice to make sure you end up with the right furniture.

We offer custom bedside tables in both antique, contemporary and abstract styles that you can always select based on the ambience of your room. Besides, we also allow you to decide the specific features to be included on the table.

Our custom bedside table can be built to the specific measurements and size that you need. In fact, with us, you also get to choose how the legs, top and other features of the bedside table should be crafted.

In case you intend to use the bedside table for just one purpose like, placing lamps or souvenirs, we can also customize its features to specifically complement that need. Our goal is to make sure that you get a bedside table tailored to your specific needs.

Since a bedside table is used in the bedroom, we will also take account the theme of the room and entire home. This enables us to provide a custom bedside table that also blends in well with the rest of the furniture and decorative accents in the whole space.

In creating custom bedside tables, we use the best quality wood that is not only durable but, also soft and light weight. Besides, we also apply lasting and sleek finishes to keep the furniture looking great over time.

Despite the top notch quality of our custom bedside tables, our company has the most competitive rates.

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