Custom Queen Sized Bed Frame

A queen sized bed is always an incredible pick for those who need a more spacious sleeping area. In fact, a queen sized bed offers adequate space for multiple people including, couples and single sleepers. At Singapore Carpenters, we offer the best custom sized bed frame.

There is a lot of freedom that comes with our custom queen sized bed frame. We allow you to choose the unique features and embellishments to be included on the bed frame, making sure that the furniture perfectly meets your personal needs and preferences.

Benefits of a Queen Sized Bed Frame

A custom queen sized bed frame gives you and your partner or others enough room and comfort for sleep without the worry of falling off the edge. If you are the kind that loves to move around while sleeping, this is the best bed frame size to always go for.

The larger space of a queen sized bed frame also helps with preserving your mattress in the best condition over time. This is because, a larger sleeping space reduces the need for flipping the mattress after every short while to find an even sleeping platform.

Having a queen sized bed frame is also a smart way to create additional storage space for your personal items. Our artisans can custom build a queen sized bed frame with storage space at the bottom for keeping blankets, clothes and other small items that are not in use.

The extra storage space offered will be useful in reducing the clutter in the wardrobes and closets. The additional storage accounts for the space taken up by the bed frame. A queen sized bed frame is recommended for master bedrooms and larger spaces.

Although there are various styles of a custom queen sized bed frame that you can choose from, the furniture usually have a distinctive extravagant appeal that also express a touch of luxury onto your room. Besides, we can create the bed frame to complement the ambience of the space.

If you are thinking of selling the home in future, adding a custom queen sized bed frame could also help with improving the value of the property, hence, better rates. Instead of sleeping in discomfort while you have adequate space, simply get a custom queen sized bed frame.

The Best Custom Queen Sized Bed Frame Singapore

It is only with Singapore Carpenters that you are guaranteed your dream queen sized bed frame. We are always very keen on every piece of custom furniture that we build to ensure that you achieve the desired results at your own convenience.

Whenever you contract us to deliver a custom queen sized bed frame, our experts will also conduct an assessment on the space to perfectly understand your needs and come up with the most suitable options.

Due to our experience in custom bedroom furniture, we will first discuss with you the best approaches regarding your requirements. This helps in making sure that the final queen sized bed frame is nothing short of your expectations.

There are endless possibilities that come with our custom queen sized bed frames. Some of the features that we can add to the furniture include pull-out drawers, wheels, foot boards, in-built cabinetry among others. In fact, you can even opt for a low or high queen sized bed frame.

Besides the functional features, we also give you the freedom of choosing the particular finishes and embellishments for the bed frame. We use elegant wood finishes and paint for extra protection and a striking appearance that blends in well with other furniture and accents in the bedroom.

Even if you need the bed frame upholstery to be done with a particular type of material of fabric, our experts will take that into account and deliver the desired results. This will make for a queen sized bed frame that is customized to your style.

At Singapore Carpenters, we specialize in custom queen sized bed frames made of wood. Unlike metal, wood is a sustainable material that requires very easy maintenance. Coupled with the extra protectants applied to the furniture, you are guaranteed the best value for money.

Order a Custom Queen Sized Bed Frame

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