Custom furniture is a great way to transform the appearance and feel of living spaces, offering inherent functional and aesthetic benefits. Singapore Carpenters are the professionals that you can always rely on to deliver top notch custom carpentry and wood working services.

We offer you the exclusive opportunity to take full control of your residential and commercial furniture projects, delivering tailor made carpentry and wood working solutions to suit your personal needs and space.

Our trained and qualified carpentry and wood working professionals will help you to easily transform your ideas for custom furniture into a reality. We can customize any furniture to match your desired style and budget estimates.

Residential Carpentry


Adding custom furniture to your home is a bold move towards making it more welcoming, comfortable and luxurious. With our custom residential carpentry solutions, you can always design and create the perfect furniture for every space in your residence.

Whether you already have a design idea for your home furniture or prefer to develop one from scratch, our professionals will guide you through all the stages and, deliver the ultimate residential carpentry services.

At Singapore Carpenters, we have designers and craftsmen with years of woodworking and crafting experience that can help you with almost any residential carpentry which includes bedroom furniture, kitchen furniture, study room furniture, living and dining room furniture, foyer furniture, and bathroom furniture.

Bedroom Furniture

Our company is a professional in a wide range of custom bedroom furniture and carpentry services aimed at enabling you create the most fulfilling sleeping area in your home. These include;

Kitchen Furniture

When thinking of creating custom kitchen furniture at home, our professionals will always be there to deliver the ultimate solutions. We offer the following custom kitchen design and furniture services;

Study Room Furniture

We can also assist you in developing the study room of your dreams right inside your home. Our custom study room carpentry and furniture caters for the following;

Living and Dining Room Furniture

The living room and dining area are among some of the spaces where you and your guests spend the most time when at home. Our custom living and dining room carpentry and furniture solutions cover the following areas;

Foyer Carpentry and Furniture

We also offer the following custom foyer carpentry and furniture services;

Bathroom Carpentry Services

Our residential carpentry solutions also cover caters for the following bathroom carpentry services;

Commercial Carpentry

Custom furniture can also play many roles in your business or commercial property, enabling you to set up a more conducive work environment. And, it is only with Singapore Carpenters that you can easily develop tailor-made furniture for a commercial space that both your employees and clients will truly love.

To always meet the individual needs of every client, we also provide a wide range of custom commercial carpentry and furniture services. Our company has professional carpenters to deliver the following;

Office Services

Developing a customized office can be painstaking but, with our custom office carpentry and furniture services, you can now realize those dreams with so much ease. Our office services cater for;

Retail & Restaurant Carpentry

At Singapore Carpenters, we can also assist you in developing custom furniture for food and drinks establishments and other similar retail enterprises. We provide the following custom retail and restaurant carpentry services;

Exhibition & Events Carpentry

In case you are thinking of starting an exhibition and events company or have one already, talk to us for tailor-made carpentry solutions. We provide the following exhibition and events carpentry services;

Furniture Restoration

At Singapore Carpenters, we understand the value of furniture and risks they can be exposed to if left uncared for. However small the furniture is, replacing a similar one can be quite expensive and hard to accomplish, considering the high cost of custom pieces.

Whenever you rely on us, you no longer have to worry about such risks. We provide professional furniture restoration and repair services to help you preserve all your residential and commercial furniture in the best condition over time.

Our Blog

In order to serve you better, we also have a dedicated custom carpentry and wood working blog. Our blog contains expert articles and ideas to help you gain a better understanding of the various custom carpentry and wood working procedures that we provide as well as other relevant information.

Why Choose Singapore Carpenters

Singapore Carpenters is now one of the most sought after custom carpentry and wood working professional in Singapore by both home owners and businesses. By choosing our company for custom carpentry and wood working services, you are always guaranteed the following;

  • Professional workmanship focused on individual customer needs
  • Affordable pricing tailored to your budget
  • Friendly and round-the-clock customer service

In our work, we always focus on delivering an all-inclusive custom carpentry and wood working package that caters for the needs of every client. Each of our projects will be formulated and conducted in accordance with the specific requirements that you provide.

Our company stands apart as Singapore’s most preferred carpentry and wood working professional because of our commitment to improving quality and productivity. To order custom carpentry and wood working services Singapore, simply fill out our online quotation.

For any inquiries regarding custom carpentry and wood working services for your home and business, do not hesitate to get in touch with us.

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