Custom Kitchen Design and Furniture

Custom kitchen design and furniture is an incredible way to making your kitchen more functional while also improving the décor of the home. Besides, custom kitchen furniture also helps with the safe keeping of cooking equipment and preservation of food and drinks.

With a customized kitchen design and furniture, you will also be able to organize your food and kitchen appliances in proper order. This will make it more convenient to access the cooking items whenever you need them and, also clean the kitchen.

At Singapore Carpenters, we are always keen on delivering truly functional and beautiful custom kitchen design and furniture. We custom design and build various pieces of kitchen furniture, all of which can be tailor-made to your specifications.

Our Custom Kitchen Design & Furniture Portfolio

Kitchen Cabinet

Depending on your needs, the setting and size of the kitchen, we can easily design and create the most suitable custom kitchen cabinet and cabinetry. Our custom kitchen cabinet and cabinetry are integral furniture for keeping food and other kitchen requirements as well as improving the ambience of the kitchen and home.

Modular Kitchen

If you are thinking of giving your old kitchen a modern feel, our company can also help with formulation and execution of the idea. Our custom modular kitchen furniture entails re-designing the entire room using unique and sleek furniture and materials that bring the perfect touch of modernity. This will not only make your kitchen more convenient but, also beautiful.

Bar Counter Cabinet

Whether your kitchen already has a mini bar or not but, need a customized piece, we can always design and craft a custom bar counter cabinet that specifically complements your preferences and kitchen décor. Our custom bar counter cabinet is important for the safe keeping of alcoholic drinks away from kids and, giving the home a more luxurious feel.

Wine Storage Cabinet

A wine storage cabinet is the best furniture for keeping wine. But, a customized piece goes a long way in also making your space look welcoming and comfortable. At Singapore Carpenters, we can also provide a custom wine storage cabinet, designed and built to match your needs as well as setting of the kitchen.

The Best Custom Kitchen Design and Furniture Singapore

Although all the pieces of kitchen furniture that we have listed above can be easy to find in the market, they usually come with standard features, which are very restrictive. With us, you can always design and create furniture with all the unique features that you need.

In offering kitchen design and furniture, we always focus on flexibility. At Singapore Carpenters, we give each client the freedom to choose how their kitchens and furniture should be designed and built.

In case you already have an idea for the design and furniture for your kitchen, our experts will still advice you on the most suitable approaches based on the given requirements. Our goal is to always provide bespoke kitchen design and furniture solutions.

Even if you may not have a clear idea about an ideal kitchen design and furniture, we will guide you towards making an informed decision. The essence is to create a unique kitchen that perfectly suits your needs without altering the appeal of the home.

We can develop a suitable kitchen design approach and furniture for your home from scratch, provided you tell us what you need. Before implementation, we will discuss with you the outcomes so you know exactly what to expect from every project.

To properly understand all your needs for custom kitchen design and furniture, our company can also send a team of experts to assess the space. Through this, we can always come up with practical solutions to effectively enhance the functionality and look of the kitchen.

We provide custom kitchen design and furniture for both old and new homes. Besides, we have adequate personnel to effectively handle both small and large sized projects from start to completion without any hitch.

Order Custom Kitchen Design and Furniture Singapore

Regardless of your specific needs or the décor of the home, we are confident in our ability to always provide the best custom kitchen design and furniture Singapore.

Simply give us a call or fill our online quotation form for the best quality and affordable custom kitchen design and furniture Singapore.





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