Custom Residential Carpentry Services

Having custom furniture in your home always come with lots of benefits including, increasing the overall value of the property. Besides the luxurious feel and enhanced comfort of custom home furniture, they can also provide additional storage space for various equipment and utilities, saving you a lot of stress and money in the long term.

At Singapore Carpenters, we specialize in a wide range of custom residential carpentry services to ensure that you get the right furniture for every room or space in your home. Our company has a team of professionals with the best experience on the job to keenly listen to all your needs and deliver the ultimate solutions at your convenience.

What We Offer

Bedroom Furniture

The bedroom is the place you finally lay down to wash the memories of the day and formulate an amicable plan for the next. There are many ways you can turn it into a peaceful and cozy haven and, custom furniture is one of the best.

We understand the fact that people usually have varying needs with regards to how they would want their bedrooms to look and, also the kind of furniture to be contained therein. We provide the following custom bedroom furniture and carpentry services;

Kitchen Furniture

Custom kitchen furniture is a great way to improve the appeal of the cooking area while also making it more functional. Our custom kitchen design and furniture portfolio caters for the following;

Study Room Furniture

Having custom furniture in your study room will help with making the space more conducive for concentration. At Singapore Carpenters, we provide various custom study room carpentry furniture services including;

Living and Dining Room Furniture

The living and dining rooms are key sections of the home where both your family and guests will spend most of their times. With our custom living and dining room carpentry and furniture, you are able to create the most luxurious ones that all will be impressed with.  We cover the following areas;

Foyer Carpentry and Furniture

The entrance to your home makes a big impression of you. And, custom foyer furniture is one of the best ways to create a lasting luxurious touch to this important section of the home. Our custom foyer furniture and carpentry services cover the following areas;

Bathroom Carpentry Services

Custom bathroom furniture will not only set the desired relaxing mood but, also help with maintaining the hygienic standards therein. We deal in various custom bathroom carpentry services including;

Why Choose our Custom Residential Carpentry Services

Our custom residential carpentry services continue to attract many home owners and developers of residential property across Singapore because of the satisfaction that we deliver in every project. Here is what you get by choosing Singapore Carpenters for custom residential carpentry services;

  • Professional carpenters
  • Reliable services offered at the convenience of every client
  • Affordable rates
  • Free consultations and online quotation

We have adequate experienced personnel and, appropriate tools to successfully handle all custom residential furniture projects from conception to completion. Based on your needs, our experts will discuss with you the most suitable custom furniture approaches for your home and budget, then provide the best solutions.

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