Custom King Sized Bed Frame


A custom king sized bed frame is a premier option, offering a fair share of space and luxury. True to its title, a king sized bed frame is an expression of inherent quality, style and comfort. At Singapore Carpenters, we are the experts that can deliver the best custom king sized bed frame.

Some may argue that a king sized bed frame takes up so much space and, is only suitable for large-sized bedrooms. But, it should be noted that the merits that come with a custom king sized bed frame are enormous. Besides, we can offer one for the available space in your bedroom.

Benefits of a Custom King Sized Bed Frame

A king sized bed typically measures 76’’ x 80’’, which is larger than double and queen sized beds. This alone, is enough proof of the adequacy of space offered by our custom king sized bed frame. The additional inches ensure a larger area for good sleep.

Considering the extensive sleeping space in a custom king sized bed frame, you are also assured of better comfort. The bed frame offers enough space to accommodate multiple sleepers at the same time without feeling squeezed. For couples, it is always a perfect option.

In case you have a family and, need a bed that you can comfortably share with both your partner and kids, a custom king sized bed frame is always the best. Even for those with joint pains and other similar injuries, a king sized bed is a great option for peaceful sleep.

According to studies, there are several health benefits that come with having a king sized bed. The extra space allows sleepers to freely stretch, hence, relieving pressure points while also ensuring appropriate neck alignment and lumbar support.

At Singapore Carpenters, we offer fully customizable king sized bed frames, built with the particular features that you need. In fact, you can also opt for a unique shape and style for the bed frame, tailored to the décor of your room.

With us, your king sized bed frame can also be customized for extra storage. As a result of this, you will not only enjoy better sleep but, also get additional space for the safe keeping of small personal items that could easily end up misplaced elsewhere.

Apart from the benefits above, a custom king sized bed frame can also go a long way in improving the appearance of your sleeping areas and, overall home value. In fact, having a custom king size bed frame in your room creates a unique luxurious feel that you will truly love.

The Best Custom King Sized Bed Frame Singapore

Rather than go through all the hassles of shopping for a king sized bed frame, simply get in touch with Singapore Carpenters. We have the expertise to effortlessly turn your idea of a custom king sized bed frame into reality.

After listening to all your needs, our experts will assess the available space in your room then, come up with the best options for a custom king sized bed frame. Our goal is craft a bed frame that perfectly meets your desires in terms of functionality and appearance.

There are no limits to what you can achieve with our custom king sized bed frame. With us, you will get the exclusive chance of determining how the furniture will be constructed in terms of features.

Some of the various styles of custom king sized bed frames that we can build for you include, cottage, summer, low deco, Brazil, Shaker, platform among others. The bed frame can be developed with drawers, foot boards and any other features that you may prefer.

In building custom king sized bed frames, we also use sleek wood finishes and upholstery to bring out the perfect luxurious feel and, preserve the furniture in the best condition. Our artisans will also find specific materials that specifically complement the ambience of your bedroom.

In every project, we always source and use only the best quality wood that is sure to maintain their strength and luxurious appeal for many years. Despite all these, we still have the most affordable rates for every budget.

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