Custom Bathroom Vanity Cabinets

Your bathroom should serve as an in-house spa, offering you and your family greater convenience when it comes to relaxation. Custom bathroom vanity cabinets are among the most important pieces of furniture that you should install on the one in your home.

Although bathroom cabinets are a common sight in most modern residential and HDB establishments across Singapore, these are usually designed and fitted with a lot of restrictions. At Singapore Carpenters, we offer customized bathroom vanity cabinet solutions.

Our custom bathroom vanity cabinets are uniquely crafted, according to the specific requirements of every homeowner. Regardless of the size, style and setting of the bathroom or personal preferences, we can easily create the best custom bathroom vanity cabinets.

We have our own experienced artisans, workshop and materials for custom bathroom vanity cabinets. Thus, there is always a guarantee that a custom bathroom vanity cabinets’ contract with us is a commitment to highly professional, reliable and affordable solutions.

Benefits of Custom Bathroom Vanity Cabinets

Custom bathroom vanity cabinets are quite different from the common standard cabinets found in most homes. It is true they both serve several similar roles, custom bathroom vanities can be adjusted to suit specific tastes, styles and spaces, making them quite versatile.

Generally, bathroom vanity cabinets are used to provide storage space for essentials like, soap, make-up, other body care items and supplies.  Customized pieces can still serve the same purpose but, the cabinets can be designed such that there is a section for each item.

By offering you adequate space to properly keep each item for the bathroom, custom bathroom vanity cabinets can always go a long way in ensuring proper order therein. A well-organized bathroom will not only be much easier to clean but, also feel more specious and relaxing.

The ability to always access your soap, make-up, towels and other bathroom essentials with ease will also reduce the amount of time that you normally waste therein. Having custom bathroom vanity cabinets in your home can bring so much convenience in using the room.

Just like other custom bathroom furniture, bespoke bathroom vanity cabinets can also be created with unique elements that reflect the overall style or ambience of the home. This will not simply enhance the appearance of your bathroom but, also add significant value to the property.

The Best Custom Bathroom Vanity Cabinets Singapore

At Singapore Carpenters, we always guarantee the best custom bathroom vanity cabinets, tailored to the specific needs, styles and budgets of every customer. Our focus is to provide a remarkable art work with inherent functional and attractive qualities.

We offer our clients the opportunity to create high quality and lasting bathroom vanity cabinets without any hassle. Regardless of the idea that you have, our artisans can always provide a wide range of suitable solutions for creating your dream bathroom vanities.

Whenever you contract us for custom bathroom vanity cabinets, we will first take into account all your requirements, evaluating each and, offering professional personalized recommendations. In fact, we can even visit your home to inspect the space beforehand.

Whether you have a more spacious or squeezed bathroom, our artisans can design and build measure to fit bathroom vanity cabinets. Despite the size, there are several features that you can still have included on the cabinets to effectively meet your needs.

You can opt for custom bathroom vanity cabinets with open shelves, lockable doors, drawers and wider tops. This ensures that you have an ample space for all your body care and make-up products, bathroom supplies and appliances.

Our custom bathroom vanity cabinets are mainly made of wood but, we can also integrate other unique materials and embellishments that you may want. We hand craft all the features of the cabinets, making sure that each compliments your style and bathroom ambience.

The custom bathroom vanity cabinets that we offer are also available in both contemporary, antique and transitional styles, suitable for every space and home.

We offer a wide selection of elegant and exotic woods for custom bathroom vanity cabinets including, hardwoods, maples, cherry, and mahogany among others.  To refine the appeal of your vanities, we also apply unique finishes, paints and stains.

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