Custom Booth Seats/ Window Seats

Having booth seats/ window seats in your restaurant always works great in creating a more inviting and comfortable environment for customers. However, there is so much more that you can achieve if the seats are specifically designed and built to complement the available space and ambience therein.

Instead of struggling to find the best booth seats and window seats for your establishment, simply talk to us. At Singapore Carpenters, we specialize in custom booth seats and window seats, tailored to every space and style. We focus on unique but, truly functional and beautiful custom booth seats/ window seats that will no doubt give your business an edge.

Benefits of Custom Booth Seats/ Window Seats

Booth seating usually comes with numerous benefits not only to customers but the owner of the business and workers. With custom booth seats and windows seats, you can always choose the most suitable types and sizes for the space that you have. The customizability ensures you can always get the right fit for every space, making them quite versatile.

Compared to standard restaurant chairs, custom booth seats/ window seats can accommodate more people in small sized spaces. This not only makes them a more cost-effective seating option but, also more efficient in terms of saving space. Some customers are also impressed with the sense of privacy that booth seating offers.

There is also a spark of comfort and coziness that comes with booth seats. For instance, there are some booth seats/ window seats with sophisticated upholstery patterns and, thick padding that makes them more luxurious. In fact, there are customers who will just want to come back to your premises because of the comfort that is expressed therein.

Custom booth seats and windows seats are quite flexible in that they can safely be used by both adults and kids. As a result of this, having them will eliminate the need for buying special seats for young customers or even those with special seating needs. Besides, they also offer you the freedom of choosing the desired seating capacity for each piece.

Custom booth seats can also be crafted in a wide range of styles to match transitional, vintage and contemporary ambiences. This also makes them a unique decorative accent that will effortlessly transform the personality of your restaurant into a haven of inherent beauty and luxury. All these will help you attract more customers and, increase sales.

The Best Custom Booth Seats/ Window Seats Singapore

At Singapore Carpenters, we have been helping many businesses across Singapore improve the appeal of their spaces with custom booth seats/ window seats. In our work, we always emphasize on bespoke furniture, tailored to the specific requirements of every client. Even on a limited budget, we can always help you get the most suitable custom booth seating for your work space.

With us, you are always given the absolute power to determine how each part of the furniture should be designed and constructed. But, we also understand that sometimes, you may not come up with a good custom booth seating plan for your establishment. Thus, our company also has consultants to assist you in formulating an ideal booth seating plan.

Through our online quotation form, you can simply enter the details of the custom booth seats and window seats that you need, then we will get back to you with a precise design. However, you can also invite us to visit your business for a preliminary assessment. This will enable us to perfectly understand your needs for tailor-made solutions.

Regardless of the available space in your setting, we can always provide custom booth seats/ window seats in the specific dimensions that fit therein. Besides, the seats can be built to accommodate the specific seating capacity that you need. After assessing your premises, our artisans will be able to develop the right sizes for every space.

The greater part of our custom booth seats/ window seats is made from wooden products. However, you can also choose other specific materials and upholstery to be used on your seats to bring out the desired feel in your space. In fact, we can even craft custom booth seats/ window seats in the particular style expressed in the decor of your restaurant.

Talk to us for the best custom booth seats/ window seats Singapore.

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